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Chip Hawkes

Chip started professionally in the music business in 1962, when he went to Germany with a band called "The Horizons", who’s lead vocalist Rod Evans went on to be Deep Purple’s original singer.

On returning to the UK, after serving his apprenticeship working the legendary Hamburg circuit he joined The Tremeloes as lead vocalist /bass guitarist and with his strong song writing ability he soon became an integral member of the band.

The Tremeloes fast became a household name worldwide with a string of million selling hits including, "Here Comes My Baby", "Suddenly You Love Me", "Call Me Number One" "Silence is Golden" notching up 20 chart entries and was constantly touring with the likes of "The Beatles" "The Rolling Stones" "The Hollies" and the "The Kinks"

In 1974 the band split and Chip went to Nashville to record two albums which he had written for RCA.

In 1979 he returned to England to find The Tremeloes were still in huge demand so he rejoined and fronted the band for the next nine years, taking them all over the world once more

In 1988 Chip left The Tremeloes again; this time to enable him to have more time to concentrate on managing his son Chesney,whose big break happened when he appeared as the title character in the film "Buddy's Song" working alongside Roger Daltrey & Michael Elphick. Shortly after this, Chesney released "The One and Only", taken from the film's soundtrack which soon became a number one hit worldwide.

Now available as a Special Guest with The New Amen Corner

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